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Travel to Grenada in the West Indies (Podcast)

Hear about travel to the island of Grenada in the West Indies as the Amateur Traveler talks to Caleb Sedam about the tropical paradise where he recently finished med school.

Caleb says, “Besides being a medical student if you want to go to Grenada, there’s a couple of reasons I would suggest. When I think about it, I think about it as more authentic. People can think of places like Jamaica or Cancun, which are full of resorts and crowded with people. But Grenada, while it is a tourist destination, it’s not very crowded and it doesn’t have that same kind of scene as a place you would see in Cozumel or Cancun. So I feel like it’s more authentic. It’s more pure Caribbean than some of the big touristy destinations.”

Caleb starts us with the beaches as Grenada is known for its beautiful white sand beaches. Magazin beach is the beach that you would likely see on the tourist brochure but Grand Anse is also lovely. Caleb’s favorite beach is not that far away but less discovered by cruise ship tourists and that is Morne Rouge Beach (BBC).

Then we talk about some of the agricultural history of the island. It used to be the home of many sugar plantations back when the labor was slave labor. Most of those are gone but there are still enough to support the production of local rum. Some of the more popular export crops on the island now are nutmeg (which Caleb says you will find in everything) and cocoa for chocolate. The Grenadians are so proud of their nutmeg that it is even represented on their flag.

Grenada is a great place for snorkeling or scuba. You can take a catamaran cruise (booze cruise) to the underwater sculpture garden for some great photos with your underwater camera.  There is also good kayaking on the southern end of the island. 

The middle of the island is mountainous and has some great hikes including a few waterfall hikes in Grand Etang National park. Caleb recommends the hikes to Concord Falls, to the Seven Sisters, and to Annadale Falls. 

Caleb tells us some of his favorite restaurants on the island and where you can find the nightlife, including popular spots with students like Container Park.

If you want to get away from St George’s which is the largest city on the island you can head up to Grenville and maybe take in a drag race there.

There are six islands that make up the nation of Grenada, and Calen recommends a visit to the smaller island of Carriacou.

It may be fair to say that the most memorable festival on the island is the August Carnival festival. But don’t wear your new fancy outfit as some of these parties… which go through the night… involved the throwing of paint and motor oil.

Learn more about the beautiful island of Grenada. It is worth visiting… even if you don’t want to be a doctor.


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Show Notes

St. George’s
Grand Anse Beach
Magazin Beach
River Antoine Estate Rum Distillery
Diamond Chocolate Factory
Flag of Grenada
Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park
Grand Etang Lake
Mona monkey
Concord Falls
Seven Sisters Falls
Annandale Waterfalls
Cruise tours in Grenada
The Aquarium Restaurant
Umbrellas Beach Bar
Eastern Caribbean dollar
Morne Rouge Beach (BBC)
Levera Beach
Container Park
True Blue Bay Resort
West Indies Beer Company
Lavo Lanes
Grenada Motorsports
Carnival in Grenada
St. George’s University


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Anne Harai


Hi Chris, I have been an avid listener for many years, and I love your show. I was a little disturbed however, that the guy talking about Grenada was encouraging people to actively interact with the mona monkeys. They are wild animals, and I feel that they should remain as such, no matter how friendly they might be. I hope you feel the same way, and having listened to you over the years I think you probably do as well. Anyway, just putting in my two cents. Thank you so much for everything you’re doing for the travel community. You kept us all very happy during the very hard Covid years 🙂 keep traveling!

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