Travel to Jasper, Alberta – Episode 535

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Travel to Jasper, Alberta - Amateur Traveler Episode 535


Hear about travel to Jasper as the Amateur Traveler talks to Laurisa Orich about her hometown where 5 generations of her family have lived in the Canadian Rockies.

We have done a longer two part episode on the Canadian Rockies that included Jasper but that show was 10 years ago and Laurissa tells me “why we should have stopped and stayed in Jasper a little longer”.

“If you are a nature lover or even if you are a nature liker, you should come and visit Jasper. Jasper [National Park] is the largest park in the Canadian Rockies and covers about 7,000 square miles. Jasper is very wild but it also has the tourism infrastructure that makes it really accessible regardless of your age, your level of fitness or your level of adventurousness. The Canadian Rockies are absolutely magnificent. I think that Jasper is the most magnificent place in the Rockies”.

Laurisa starts us on a tour with a drive up the Icefields Parkway from Banff which is also not too shabby. She recommends some obvious places to stop like the Athabasca Glacier which is part of the Columbian Icefields. You can get out on the glacier in large snow buses. She also recommends some lesser known stops like Fish Buck Lake and Marmot Basin.

As we settle in to Jasper, the town, she tells us about places to stay, galleries, museums and walks in town as well as special times of the year to come like the Jasper Dark Sky Festival. But the main reason to come to Jasper is to enjoy time out in nature. She gives us a selection of hikes and trails from wheelchair friendly paved paths to climbing up a frozen waterfall. She tells us what to ask the locals to get directions to their favorite (but unmarked) vista spot.

Learn about hiking, rafting, wildlife spotting and learn about what weird elk behavior keeps the swings on local playgrounds locked up part of the year. I cast my vote for the most beautiful spot in Jasper, but after you go, please tell us yours.

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Show Notes

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Jasper National Park
Jasper, Alberta
Columbia Icefield
Fish Buck Lake
Glacier Skywalk
Marmot Basin
Whistlers Inn, Jasper
Jasper Museum
Jasper Gallery
Jasper Park Lodge Golf Club
Tonquin Valley
Cavell Meadows
Old Fort Point
Sulfur Skyline Trail
Whistler Mountain
Valley of Five Lakes
Jasper Dark Sky Festival
Maligne Lake
Edge of the World
Jasper in January


on Hike the Lycian Way in Turkey – Episode 420:


Haven’t talked with you in a while, but continue to love the podcast.

Our trip to Turkey was a smashing success, and as usual, your podcast (on hiking the Lycian Way) was a real help.

We visited Patara, birthplace of St. Nicholas, as well as Demre, where he ministered. We also spent a week in Anatalya, which has the finest museum I’ve personally visited. What a treasure-trove for those interested in Lycian, Roman, or New Testament- and ante-Nicene Fathers history!


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Travel to Jasper, Alberta - Amateur Traveler Episode 535

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