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Hear about travel to Louisville, Kentucky as the Amateur Traveler talks to Jason Falls, social media author and speaker about his home town.

Jason says, “Louisville is a fantastic city, it also has a lot going on from a tourism standpoint. The bourbon industry is cradled here. Not only are many of the corporate offices in or around Louisville but also Bardstown, which is 45 minutes south, is where a lot of the master distillers were born and raised. That’s where the Beam family lives, of Jim Beam fame. The bourbon industry has had a boom in the last decade. It is America’s native spirit. We celebrate it here and make 95% of the world’s supply of it”.

“We are obviously also known for horses. The Kentucky Derby was just last week as we record this. It is always the first Saturday in May. For a month prior to that Louisville celebrates the Derby festival, it’s Derby season. We have Thunder over Louisville a couple of weeks before which is one of the largest fireworks displays in North America. It’s an all day airshow down on the riverfront. There’s the Pegasus parade. There’s the steamboat race. The month of April is a good time to be in Louisville. We are the only city in the world that parties for 2 weeks for a race that lasts 2 minutes. Horse racing is big here.”

Louisville is also known for the Louisville Slugger baseball bats and the factory and museum are a must stop for baseball fans. Jason also recommends some of the other museums in the downtown area such as the Kentucky Science Center, Frazier History Museum and Kentucky Museum of Art & Craft in addition to the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience and Kentucky Derby Museum.

Car buffs should travel further south to the Corvette factory and the Corvette Museum. And fans of national parks won’t want to miss a visit to Mammoth Cave. Some will also want to visit the Hillbilly Days or Creation Museum.

Jason also gives us pointers for enjoying the food and drink scene in Louisville as well as the nearby Bourbon Trail. Whether you like caves, cars, horses or hors d’oeuvre, Louisville is a good bet.

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Show Notes

Jason Falls
Louisville, Kentucky
Louisville Tourism
Bourbon Country
Kentucky Derby
Thunder Over Louisville
Churchill Downs
Idea Festival
Louisville Mega Cavern
Bourbon Trail
Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory
Kentucky Science Center
Frazier History Museum
Kentucky Museum of Art & Craft
Evan Williams Bourbon Experience
Kentucky Derby Museum
Makers Mark
Urban Bourbon Trail
Mint Julep Tours
Hot Brown
Brown Hotel
Jack Fry’s
Ramsi’s Cafe
Bristol Bar & Grille
Hilbilly Days
National Corvette Museum
Bowling Green Assembly Plant
Mammoth Cave National Park
Creation Museum
Shaker Village
Jason Falls


Hello Chris,

I first discovered the AT podcast at the end of 2013 while planning a trip to Europe for September 2014 with my then boyfriend, Nate. I had never listened to podcasts before but you made me an avid listener. I would play them on my commute and during my workday so I quickly made it through all the podcasts covering the European locations. I then moved on to the episodes that covered locations that I one day hope to visit. Along the way, I learned of This Week in Travel. Since, that is less location based, I would just play episodes back to back. I listened to every single episode of TWIT. Yup,

Nate has his degrees in computer science and electrical engineering so you may guess he is a bit analytic and likes things to be well designed/planned out. He is very particular about listening to podcasts when it comes to content, audio quality, layout and editing of the show. He needs the host to be articulate, smart, and current/knowledgeable on technology. Amateur Traveler exceeds these requirements by far. In other words, you are awesome!

I used the advice from the podcast when planning the Europe trip and I would bookmark the AT episodes that covered the locations of our trip. We flew into Munich and rented a car to drive through Germany , Austria, Italy, France, and Switzerland. A bit of a sampler platter spending a few days in a select few cities, visiting friends we have living in the area and enjoying the scenic drives. It basically gave us an idea of where we need to go back to (small towns in Switzerland) and where we don’t need to spend more time (Paris). I would always play the podcast covering the next location as we drove there. So here we are driving through these beautiful lands listening to you and your guests prep us for our next stop. Oh and we always jam out to the theme song!

Sorry this email is so long! I am writing you to say thank you for all the great shows and also to say that you (without knowing) have been along for the ride of some big points of our life. It was during this Europe trip that Nate went from boyfriend to fiancé (in the Cinque Terre). When we decided to do a destination wedding (Outer Banks, NC), your podcast was one of the first resources we used to pick the spot. Lastly, we are now just planning our honeymoon and your last few podcasts could not have been timed more perfectly (Charleston, SC and Asheville, NC). Please keep up the amazing work. Inspired by you, I have now made my employment to be less location dependent (like Nate’s) so we are ready to travel the world. We just need to make it past those, “I do’s” first!

Thank you very much,


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by Chris Christensen

I am the host of the Amateur Traveler. The Amateur Traveler is an online travel show that focuses primarily on travel destinations and what are the best places to travel to. It includes both a weekly audio podcast, a video podcast, and a blog.

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Darrell Hickman


Nice podcast on Louisville. One museum your guest forgot to mention in the Muhammed Ali museum that is downtown. If you are into sports especially boxing you have to visit it.



Good to know, thanks Darrell

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