Travel to Patagonia in Argentina – Episode 531

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Travel to Patagonia in Argentina (podcast) - What to do, see and where to hike in Patagonia.


Hear about travel to Patagonia as the Amateur Traveler talks to Jackie Nourse about this region of southern Argentina.

Jackie compares the northern region of Patagonia to Glacier National Park or Banff, “on steroids, times a hundred”. “The specific region where I was near Bariloche is known as the Lake district.Its very close to the Chilean border. There are so many lakes and these lakes are crystal clear green blue waters. The elevation is not too high there. The mountains do get higher and they are really dramatic.”

“In the mountainous region your going to find a lot of small towns and these villages built a church or a plaza, alongside a lake usually.” You are going to find National Parks, lots of hikes and volcanos.

Jackie recommends everyone flies during the day when flying from northern Patagonia to southern Patagonia because it is a very beautiful flight. “The are so many volcanos and there are glaciers. As you go further south the southern Patagonia ice field is the 3rd largest mass of connected ice in the world after Antartica and Greenland. There’s plenty of incredible nature to see out there. Its a great place for the adventure traveler to go and explore.”

She recommends a couple days in Bariloche for hikes. Head south from there. Climbers will want to stop at El Bolsón. “The big wow factor is in the south, the Calafate and Chaltén area where you have the Perito Moreno Glacier. I heard so much about this glacier. It sounded over done from what I was reading. I cannot even tell you how speechless I was when I walked out onto the boardwalks which offer a view directly across from the ice.” Jackie also took  a guided hike out onto the glacier and high recommends it.

In addition to hiking Jackie, got out to the pampas area nearby to experience some of the Argentina cowboy culture. As someone who has lived for years in Montana, Jackie is used to beautiful scenery, but Patagonia wowed her as it will you.

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Travel to Patagonia in Argentina (podcast) - What to do, see and where to hike in Patagonia.

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I absolutely love your podcast! My boyfriend and I are planning a 1 month trip to Patagonia and your show has been so helpful!

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