Travel to Perth, Australia – Episode 358

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Perth, Australia

Hear about travel to Perth, Australia as the Amateur Traveler talks to Carmen from Carmen grew up in Perth and lived for 21 years in this city on Australia’s Western shore.

Perth is one of the most isolated cities in the world. Perth is about 5 hours by plane from Sydney, Australia, so you are probably not going to stop in by chance. Western Australia is a large state. From Perth to the reefs at Coral Bay, for instance, would be a 12 and a half-hour drive. You could drive for days from Perth in a straight line without leaving the state.

Carmen says that its isolation is one of its advantages. There are not as many tourists.”It wasn’t really hit by the recession so it’s still quite a boom town and there is quite a lot to do and see. It’s also quite a beautiful place. There are beautiful beaches. If you look at the state as a whole it is very diverse. At the top, you have deserts and coral reefs at the bottom you have great large bushland with very old and tall trees and you can go bushwalking. The climate south of Perth is very similar to California so they have beautiful vineyards and it is a really good wine country as well.”

Perth is a beautiful city located where a river his the white sand beaches. Carmen recommends spending time in the city parks like King’s Park as well as the rooftop bars which take advantage of the beautiful views. She recommends the Spring or the Fall for the best outdoor weather.

Carmen also recommends a stop at Rottnest Island off the coast of Perth. It is a car-free island with great snorkeling and wreck dives. And after your beach outing take a drive to the wine region, which a short drive from Perth. It has great restaurants as well. She recommends both Flutes Winery which has a wonderful restaurant as well as Brown Hill Winery and Lamont’s Winery.

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Show Notes

Double-Barrelled Travel
Rottnest Island
Margaret River Chocolate Company
Flutes Winery
Brown Hill Estate
Lamont’s Winery
Australia Day
Hillary’s Boat Harbour
Mussel Bar
Yanchep National Park
Boatshed Restaurant


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Perth is somewhat of a lonely city, miles away from any other sizeable center on the west coast of Australia. It’s isolation makes it a unique and interesting place to visit, and it is a gateway panoramic scenery.

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