Travel to Provence, France – Episode 510

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What to do, see and eat  when you travel to Provence, France


Hear about travel to Provence, France as the Amateur Traveler talks to Wendy Jaeger from about her adopted home in the south of France.

Wendy says of Provence, “It’s stunning. It’s probably the most beautiful place in the world. It’s got absolutely everything. It’s got spectacular food, world-class wine. Every major Impressionist and Post Impressionist painter in western Europe either visited, painted, lived, or died there. So it has a remarkable art history to it. It’s got a long history. It is the home of at least three Roman roads, including the oldest one in all of France. It has unbelievable scenery, lavender fields, poppy fields, perched villages. ‘Why wouldn’t you go?’, is the question.”

We start in the heart of Provence in the Luberon where painters like Van Gogh and Cezanne endeavored to capture its beauty and legendary light. This is an area of vineyards, orchards, lavender fields and hill-top villages.

Wendy tells us about the very Provencal style of Camargue bullfighting where the bull is not at risk but the locals are. She tells of some of her favorite of the towns like the beautiful Saint-Rémy-de-Provence or L’Isle sur la Sorgue.

We talk about the rich history of the area which can be seen in Glanum (Roman ruins at St. Rémy), the historic center of Avignon, the Pont Julien, Pont du Gard (Roman Aqueduct), and the Village des Bories with their beehive shaped stone huts.

She tells us where to find some of the best markets including both antiques at Du Grenier markets (literally “from the attic”) or weekly produce markets with juicy peaches, fresh strawberries, cheese, lavender and more.

Art lovers can find museums like the Chagall and Matisse museums in Nice or better yet, artist walks that show you where different artists painted some of their most famous landscapes.

And of course we talk about food, because after all, this is France.

With special thanks to photographer Anthony Bianciella whose photos grace this episode.

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Show Notes

Bliss Travels
Roman Roads in France (map)
The Luberon (the heart of Provence)
Historic Centre of Avignon (UNESCO)
Chagall Museum – Nice, France
Matisse Museum – Nice, France
The Course Camarguaise (Camargue bullfighting)
Van Gogh in St. Rémy
Glanum (Roman ruins at St. Rémy)
Pont Julien
Place de la Concorde
Apt Market
Gordes (perched village)
Sénanque Abbey
Village des Bories
“Melon en Fêtes” in Cavaillon
L’Isle sur la Sorgue
Henri-Edmond Cross
Coast of Provence, Le Four des Maures
Olive Trees (Van Gogh series)
Pont du Gard (Roman Aqueduct)
Le Grand Aioli
Chez Camille in Ramatuelle (near Saint-Tropez)
Papeton d’aubergine
Chez Camille in Ramatuelle (near Saint-Tropez) reviews


Danielle wrote about Travel to Vanuatu – Episode 366


I just wanted to write to express my appreciation. I listen to your podcast almost religiously and I have learned so much about the world. My bucket list has grown exponentially. I am getting married in July and searched and searched for great honeymoon locales but nothing was clicking. Then I decided to turn to your archives. When I listened to your episode on Vanuatu, I was immediately sold! Now we have the perfect combination of beach, beauty and adventure (at Mount Yasur)! We can’t wait. Thank you!


What to do, see and eat  when you travel to Provence, France

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