Travel to South Australia – Episode 377

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Hear about travel to South Australia as the Amateur Traveler talks to Dave and Deb from about their recent trip down under.

South Australia is one of the states of Australia. It includes some of the most arid parts of the country and also has the distinction of being founded as a colony for free immigrants. Dave and Deb started at the capital of Adelaide and also explored Kangaroo Island, Wilpena Pound in the outback, and the wine region of the Barossa Valley.

Kangaroo Island is a popular destination because of its wildlife including sea lions, kangaroos, koalas and wallabies and for its landscapes like the Remarkable Rocks and the Admiral’s Arch. They also have a great sand dune for sandboarding.

Dave and Deb are known for their adventure travel and did a cage dive with great white sharks during their trip to Port Lincoln. “Keep your hands inside the cage” they advise. Since the sharks they saw were as long as 6 meters (18 feet) you may have figured that out on your own. They also swam with dolphins. They have done a swim with dolphins before in other locations but this was their best experience. The swam with sea lions… one of the biggest food source for the great white sharks.

They also visited the Gawler Ranges and the salt flats at Lake Gairdner where they camped amidst the birds and kangaroos.

“South Australia is one of those places that is still really wild. You can see a lot of the things you see around Australia but the crowds are so much less. You have camps to yourself. You have parks to yourself.”

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Show Notes

The Planet D
Barossa Valley
Australian Wine
Penfolds Wine
Kangaroo Island
Port Lincoln
Shark Diving: In the Cage with Great Whites
A Dolphin Swim in Shark Country
Gawler Ranges
Adelaide Hills
South Australian Museum
Fly the Flinders Ranges & Wilpena Pound
Kingsford Homestead
South Australia in Photos


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Jane sent this email:


I wanted to tell you (again, as I emailed you years ago, too!) how much I appreciate your podcasts. On our recent driving trip to Europe (did a circle from Milan up to Prague, over to Budapest and back to Milan, through Slovenia), my husband and I listened to a ton of your podcasts. 3 weeks worth, actually- as I just hooked up my iPod to the stereo system in the car, and we listened to podcast after podcast. First, we hit the ones applicable to where we’d be on this trip, then we just started with the oldest ones I had, and worked our way forward.

Last year, we did this during our 1 month driving tour of Australia, by listening to all 400+ TED talks I had on my iPod. You were our entertainment and enlightenment on this trip. It really spurred our talks about where we want to go next- and what is our “bucket list.” Actually crossed off 3 on my own bucket list in the past 12 months- seeing Uluru, Angkor Wat, and taking a cooking class in Vietnam. However, I don’t think we’ll live long enough to go to all of the places we’d like to see.

I appreciate all you do to bring entertainment and travel education to us. I listen to your podcasts via Stitcher on my iPhone while I’m walking on the beach at home, as well as This Week in Travel (which often has me laughing out loud!).

Thanks again,


Paul sent this email:

Great job & you should be proud of your accomplishments. You’re my favorite pod caster because you’re so organized, consistent & deliberate in your insightful questions and comments except when you do your own self travel dialogue….then u ramble on like a travel journal which is really annoying…LOL

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4 Responses to “Travel to South Australia – Episode 377”

Tim Horgan @ On and Off the Gringo Trail


Did they head into the old nuclear exclusion zone?



Hi Tim,
I hadn’t heard of the Nuclear exclusion zone. Did you go to it? I’d love to hear about your experience.




How about a show on Top End Australia. i.e Kakadu, Litchfield, Darwin.
A place I dream about visiting, but living in the Northern California fog belt where anything above 20C/68F is VERY warm, is a little scary.



I’d love to travel there too. This was our first trip to Australia and now we’re hooked, definitely want to go back. I’m going to have to listen to Chris’ archives for more on Australia and keep an eye out for the top end in future pod casts.

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