Travel to Tel Aviv, Israel – Episode 459

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Travel to Tel Aviv, Israel (Podcast)

Hear about travel to Tel Aviv, Israel as the Amateur Traveler talks to Shimrit Elisar from about her home city.

Shimrit says of Tel Aviv, “It’s a really small city. You can walk everywhere interesting but it has so much going on in it, it is easily comparable to really big cities. The weather is great. The food is great. You can party every day of the week if you really want to. You can see loads of art, theatre, dance shows all within minutes walk. You can walk the whole length of the city in less than an hour. Tel Aviv isn’t really a place where you need to run around and see all the monuments because really there aren’t any. It’s not Jerusalem.”

We start in the ancient port city of Jaffa which is now part of Tel Aviv. Shimrit recommends we stop at the old city which has a lot of tourist restaurants. She also recommends we stop at the flea market area which is going through a process of gentrification. We would stop at places like Cafe Puaa which is a cafe and an antique store. The Jaffa Old City Museum is located underground.

A short walk from Jaffa is Neve Tzedek. It is a very expensive and beautiful part of town where we will find little boutiques. It is also the home for Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance and Theater which is where we would find Israel’s most famous dance troupe.

Most guides will send you to the center of Tel Aviv, the White City, to see the Bauhaus buildings, but Shimrit recommends we head south to markets, Carmel Market and the less well known Levinsky Market. The Levinsky Market is a spice market. “It’s a street full of stores and they sell everything. They sell every spice you could possibly imagine. They sell dried fruit and herbal teas and Turkish delight and all kinds of weird stuff.”

Most guidebooks won’t send you to the Tel Aviv Central Bus Station, but Shimrit recommends a visit even though the place is “hideous”. “It’s this concrete monster. It’s this huge thing. It came about under really suspicious circumstances. Now it is basically something like the Chung King mansion in Hong Kong without the hotels. It’s a bus station, it’s a super cheap and weird shopping center, it’s a nature reserve. It’s got a nature reserve for a particular type of bat.”

Learn what to eat, where to shop, great beaches, from someone who wrote the book on Tel Aviv.

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Show Notes

DIY Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv: Nonstop City
Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv Port
Jaffa Flea Market
Cafe Puaa
Old City Jaffa
The Container
Neve Tzedek
Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance and Theater
Bauhaus Center
White City
Visit Tel Aviv
Carmel Market
Levinsky Market
Tel Aviv Central Bus Station
Ramat Aviv
Yarkon Park
Tel Aviv’s Gay Beach
Bahai Gardens
The Block (site not in English)
Levontin 7
Day trips from Tel Aviv


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Hi Chris,

Have fun on your next trip to Argentina. Also I will thank DK for their sponsorship of the show and for their guides which I use all the time.

I would just like to comment that on the Lapland episode there was no mention of what to be careful of. I was camping in Kiruna(on my way to Narvik on one of the most incredible train rides that I have ever taken) and I was afraid to get out of the tent as the mosquitoes were casting shadows the size of small drones. Cooking outside was a major challenge as these mega mosquitos were immediately feasting on us and populating our food. Just a word to the wise.


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