Travel to Tibet – Episode 528

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Travel to Tibet, what to do, see and eat in this complicated land


Hear about travel to Tibet as the Amateur Traveler talks to Lee Deitesfeld & Travis Bingaman about their trip to this complicated and fascinating country.

As Americans, Lee and Travis were required by the Chinese government to visit Tibet on a guided tour. “There is everything from 2 day tours you can take of just the capital, all the way to 3 week excursions all around the country where you can see all the major sites. We did an 8 day tour. I would have love to have stayed longer, but 8 days was a great amount of time. Some of the lengthier tours were focused on outdoor activities, so if you wanted to bike or get in some more hiking those are the longer tours.”

Lee and Travis started, as most tours do in the capital of Lhasa for 3 days. 3 days gave both time to see a number of sites there as well as time to acclimate to the altitude. Then the drove the “friendship highway” that connects Tibet and Nepal stoping at monasteries and small towns including Gyantse and Shigatse. They ended up at the Everest Base Camp on the Tibetan side.

In Lhasa they visited the traditional Winter Palace (Portala Palace) and the Summer Palace (Norbulingka) of the Dali Llama. These were the first of many Buddhism related sites that they would visit on their trip, including the Rongbuk Monastery on the north side of Mount Everest at 16,340 ft (4,980m).

Some of the physical beauty of Tibet stood out for them such as Yamdrok Lake, Rongbuk Glacier and Mount Everest. The first day out of Lhasa were a series of passes. Yamdrok Lake was at the first pass which Lee describes as “this pristine turquoise lake. The sky that day was absolutely clear with this big fluffy clouds like you could just reach out and touch them. Being in Summer, the hills were all green with wild mustard, so all these yellow flowers. Its as around 15,000 feet.”

Tibet has changed much over the last 50 years of the Dali Llama’s, but Lee and Travis found a place worth visiting with a people and a faith that left a profound impression on them.

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Show Notes

Tibetan Guide
Tibet Travel Guide
Tibetan Buddhism
Tours in Tibet
Friendship Highway
Portala Palace
High Pass
Yamdrok Lake
Rongbuk Glacier
Kumbum Monastery
Tibetan Guide
Sake Monastery
Rongbuk Monastery
Everest Base Camp
Sera Monastery
Milarepa’s Cave


on Travel to Luxembourg – Episode 434, Ashely wrote:

Hi Chris!

  On the podcast you mentioned that you like hearing when we buy/use the products or services that sponsor the show and I wanted to let you know- I’ve purchased six DK Eyewitness travel guides since listening to your show!  We recently moved to Germany and have plans to travel throughout Germany, to Holland, Vienna, Provence, and Spain this next year, so I purchased all of those guides.

  Additionally, we went to Luxembourg City for a weekend in July and I relied heavily on that episode to guide us since I hadn’t done a ton of planning ahead of time.

  Anyway, I love the podcast and enjoy listening every week!



on Travel to the South Side of Chicago – Episode 365, Jamie wrote:

Hi Chris,

I wanted to send some thoughts from a listener’s perspective. I just finished listening to the South side of Chicago episode and was pretty surprised by how there was no real emphasis to how dangerous it is. I’ve been to Chicago 3 times and everyone recommends to avoid it. Being from LA area, I can relate as I would suggest tourists to avoid dangerous places like Compton and Watts.

I’m sure there are great things to see but your guest would just say “there are sketchy neighborhoods” – how about she name them so people don’t wander there? Also, she said real Chicago pizza is not deep dish? Other than the Chicago hot dog the deep dish is known nationwide as a Chicago signature dish. I felt she painted a very unrealistic representation of that part of the city also referred to as “Chi-raq” by how many murders happen there.

On another note, hopefully your guests can be more creative when defining their country with three words. “Diverse, Beautiful, and Friendly” are soooo worn out.

I know I shouldn’t complain about a free podcast that is one of my favorites. I just felt I had to give some feedback (or rant) as a listener. Thank you very much.



Travel to Tibet, what to do, see and eat in this complicated land

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