Travel to Turks and Caicos – Episode 520

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Travel to Turks and Caicos. Which islands to visit. What to do, see and eat.
photo by James Willamor


Hear about travel to Turks and Caicos as the Amateur Traveler talks to author Donna Seim about her favorite archipelago.

“The reason to go to Turks and Caicos, first of all, is the turquoise waters, It’s gorgeous there, the white sandy beaches, the weather, the direct flights from Boston and New York City.” The islands are also known for wonderful diving.

While Turks and Caicos sounds like it might be only two islands, it is actually composed of 40 different islands and cays. “Each island has its own personality.”

Most people go to Providenciales which is the largest island and the most densely populated of the islands. “It originally was just a big huge island with about 400 people living on the tip of it at a place called Blue Hills, but Club Med discovered it. After that is is high rise after high rise, resort after resort. So it’s like a little Miami now, but most people think of it as the place to go because of the resorts, the all inclusives, the beautiful Grace Bay Beach. It is beautiful. We have stayed there. We have tasted the fine food they serve there, the restaurants are all gourmet, and we’ve enjoyed it.”

“But I admit I always look forward to getting on that little propeller plane and heading over to Grand Turk which is our island. ” Grand Turk is the capital and it used to be the hub. Before tourism the island was known for the salt trade which you can still learn about in the salt museum. You can also see wild horses on the island that are left over from the days of the salt trade.

Come see why so many people love Turks and Caicos, and why so many people describe Grand Turk as an “authentic” caribbean island.

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Show Notes

Donna Seim
Turks and Caicos Islands
Osprey Hotel Grand Turk
Bohio Dive Resort
The Salt House
Turks and Caicos National Museum
Porter’s Island Thyme – Salt Cay
Green Flash Cafe – Salt Cay
Where is Simon, Sandy?
Hurricane Mia: A Caribbean Adventure
Satchi and Little Star


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I’m just back from two weeks in Bavaria and Spain (Madrid and Sevilla). This was my first trip to Europe and planning was daunting. However, I had a wonderful time and everything went very smoothly on my travels. I credit your podcasts, your guests and advertisers and the information they provide.

As one example, I listened to your interview with Cat Gaa discussing Sevilla and got some great sightseeing ideas. After she appeared on your podcast, I started following her blog and there she tipped me to food tours offered in various Spanish cities by Devour Spain. The Devour Sevilla tour I took the other night was the best experience of the trip. Your advertisers have been helpful, too. When I shopped for travel insurance, I checked the offerings of one of you (I think now former) advertisers. I got a lot of useful information from the advertiser’s website.

Your podcast is a great place to start for travel planning and research. You and your guests provide a wonderful wealth of information, along with a lot of tips and links to other useful sources of information. Please keep up the good work and keep providing all the great information. Next time I plan a trip, I will start with your podcast.

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Travel to Turks and Caicos. Which islands to visit. What to do, see and eat.

photo by James Willamor

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