Travel to Uluru and Central Australia – Episode 874

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Travel to Uluru and Central Australia (Podcast) - Amateur Traveler

Hear about travel to Uluru and Central Australia as the Amateur Traveler talks to travel blogger Chris Fry from about her most recent trip to the red center of Australia.

Why should someone go to Central Australia?

Chris says, “I Like visiting Uluru for the Aboriginal culture, the art, the history, learning about the Dreamtime. I think it’s where I first started learning about the Aboriginal history and our First Nations people and it’s one of the best places to actually learn about it there. Some of the tour guides are actually Aboriginal, so they will actually tell you their history, how they grew up and everything like that, so yes, I think it’s great for Australians, it’s great for tourists to actually learn about that first hand from the people who have been living here for 65 million years.”

Chris recommends this itinerary:

Day 1: Arrival in Alice Springs

  • Arrive in Alice Springs and check into your accommodation.
  • Take some time to explore the local area and get acquainted with the surroundings.

Day 2: Exploring Alice Springs

  • Visit the Royal Flying Doctors Museum to learn about its vital role in providing healthcare to remote regions.
  • Explore the town’s Aboriginal galleries, showcasing dot paintings and supporting local communities.
  • Wander through Todd Mall, the central shopping district, where you can find souvenirs and enjoy lunch at one of the cafes.
  • Discover the fascinating animal parks in Alice Springs, including a desert animal park and a kangaroo sanctuary.

Day 3: Road Trip around Alice Springs

  • Embark on a road trip along Larapinta Drive, exploring various gorges and stunning landscapes.
  • Visit Simpson Gap, known for its white ghost gums, and a chance for a refreshing swim.
  • Explore Standley Chasm, a narrow gorge with striking rock formations, best experienced during midday sunlight.
  • Discover Ochre Pit, showcasing Aboriginal history through vibrant rock colors used for painting.
  • Enjoy a swim at Ormiston Gorge, a popular swimming spot surrounded by towering cliffs.
  • Explore Glen Helen Gorge and witness part of the Finke River.

Day 4: Palm Valley 4WD Adventure

  • Join a 4WD bus tour to Palm Valley, experiencing the rugged terrain and unique red cabbage palms.
  • Learn about the Aboriginal history of the area and witness the contrasting colors of the landscape.
  • Stop at Hermannsburg, an Aboriginal community, for a cultural experience.
  • Return to Alice Springs in the evening and relax.

Day 5: Journey to Kings Canyon

  • Begin the road trip to Kings Canyon, taking the longer route for a scenic drive and passing notable landmarks.
  • Fuel up at the Old Andado Roadhouse and explore the surrounding area.
  • Arrive at Kings Canyon Resort, check-in, and relax for the evening.

Day 6: Kings Canyon Hiking Adventure

  • Embark on the Kings Canyon Rim Walk, a challenging but rewarding hike with stunning views.
  • Explore the Garden of Eden, a sacred Aboriginal site with a water pool.
  • Exercise caution around cliff edges and enjoy the unique rock formations.
  • Optional: Take the shorter Kings Creek Walk, providing a different perspective of the area.
  • Return to the resort for a relaxing evening.

Day 7: Exploring Yulara, the Gateway to Uluru

  • Wake up and start the day by driving to Yulara, the town that services visitors to Uluru.
  • Yulara: Learn about the town, which has hotels, camping facilities, a tourist information center, restaurants, cafes, groceries, and fuel stations. Consider hiring a car for convenience.
  • Distance from Uluru: Yulara is about 30 minutes away from Uluru, making it a convenient base for exploring the area.
  • Relax and familiarize yourself with the amenities in Yulara. Consider a shuttle bus for convenient transportation within the town.

Day 8: Uluru National Park Exploration

  • Purchase a National Park Pass for 3 days and start your first day in Uluru (.
  • Sunrise and Sunset: Enjoy the specific sunrise and sunset platforms in Uluru, perfect for photographers.
  • Daytime Activity: Embark on the 10-kilometer walk around the base of Uluru, experiencing different shapes and formations created by nature.
  • Uluru’s Beauty: Marvel at the impressive dimensions of Uluru, a single rock monolith measuring about 2.2 miles long, 1.5 miles wide, and 348 meters high.
  • Explore various formations and sacred sites, and enjoy the unique features of Uluru.

Day 9: Extended Uluru National Park Experience

  • Return to Uluru National Park for a second day of exploration.
  • Sunrise or Sunset: Choose between sunrise and sunset at designated areas, or consider the Field of Lights experience, an art installation with 50,000 solar-powered bulbs.
  • Optional Activities: Consider camel rides, Sounds of Silence dinner, or a helicopter flight for a unique perspective.
  • Aboriginal Cultural Experiences: Visit the tourist information center for information on local tours, including the opportunity to make or paint your own didgeridoo.

Day 10: The Ogres (Kata Tjuta) Adventure

  • Journey to Kata Tjuta, about 45 minutes from Yulara.
  • Hiking: Explore the Walpa Gorge Walk, an easy one-hour return walk through the middle of two rocks. Optionally, embark on the Valley of the Winds walk, a three-hour return walk offering stunning views.
  • Afternoon/Evening: Relax and unwind, considering the Sounds of Silence dinner or enjoying the amenities at your accommodation.

Day 11: Return to Alice Springs

  • Morning: Begin the journey back to Alice Springs, stopping at the Oldunder Roadhouse.
  • Safety Reminder: Stay vigilant on the road due to potential encounters with free-roaming wildlife, such as cows and camels.
  • Return to Alice Springs and explore attractions like the truck museum or take a photo at the Alice Springs entrance sign.

Central Australia has some challenges like the prices, the flies and the red dirt getting everywhere, but it is also a unique and beautiful corner of Australia that is worth a visit.

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Show Notes
Alice Springs
Alice Springs Desert Park
Royal Flying Doctor Service Museum
The Kangaroo Sanctuary
Todd Mall
Larapinta Drive
Simpsons Gap
Standley Chasm
Ochre Pits
Ormiston Gorge Trailhead
Glen Helen Gorge
Palm Valley (Northern Territory)
Palm Valley and Kings Canyon in the Northern Territory of Australia
Palm Valley 4WD Tour from Alice Springs 2023
Hermannsburg, Northern Territory
Guide to Kings Canyon
Kings Canyon (Northern Territory)
Cannonball Run Monument
The Cannonball Run
Erldunda Roadhouse
Discovery Resorts – Kings Canyon
Kings Creek Walk
Yulara, Northern Territory
The Dreaming
Uluru Segway Tours
Kata Tjuta sunset viewing area
Field of Light
Bruce Munro
Uluru Camel Tours
Sounds of Silence
Uluru Helicopter Flights
Kata Tjuta
Cultural experiences – Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park
Valley of the Winds walks – Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park
Walpa Gorge walk – Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park
National Road Transport Museum
Road Trip Stops from Alice Springs to Uluru


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Thanks so much for the Uluru and Central Australian podcast. We are traveling to New Zealand and Australia on a Viking Cruise in January. We are also doing the post cruise extension to Uluru and Alice Springs. I was wondering what we could do in Alice Springs for 2 days, but now I have lots of ideas

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