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Hear about travel to Northern Australia (Northwest Territories) as the Amateur Traveler talks to Sam Guerra from The “Top End” is “one of the more exotic parts of Australia for sure and it’s definitely the closest place you can go to get an authentic feel for aboriginal culture which in my opinion is something that makes Australia unique. There is a lot of natural beauty and a lot of wildlife up there. It is nearly untouched.”

In Darin Sam recommends the Mindil Beach Sunset Market if you want to try eating some local “bush tucker” like emu, crocodile or kangaroo. There are also World War II history tours of some of the sites around the Darwin harbor.

“What makes the Top End shine is when you get out of the city and you go to the national parks around the area. It might not be exactly what you imagine when you go to Australia because there is a lot of water. It is very lush but at the same time it still has that sense of outback. Tropical savanna is what the landscape would be.” Sam recommends a circular route from Litchfield National Park to Kakadu National Park to Nitmiluk National Park.

The waterfalls in Litchfield make a great place to relax. There is great hiking around the waterfalls as well as swimming. The area has a lot of flying foxes and “creepy crawlies”. Litchfield also has massive termite mounds up to 15 feet tall.

Kakadu National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Sam recommends a tour of the Mary River wetlands for great wildlife photography. “There is just an endless supply of bird life. That’s where you are going to see the crocodiles as well. The lotus flowers were in bloom when we were there and that’s just incredible.” The aboriginal rock art sites at Ubirr and Nourlangie Rock are a big reason for the UNESCO designation. “Over the last 10,000 years the aboriginal people have been painting on these surfaces.” Jim Jim Falls is the other main attraction in the park.

Nitmiluk National Park is mainly known for the Catherine River and is also a great place to relax. “The Leilyn Falls is further up the river. Once you get there you have a big waterfall and a big swimming hole. You can go do a lot of hiking around the area. If you go up to the upper pools, just that walk alone is worth it. It’s just like a rock pool playground”

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Show Notes

Escape from the Bay
Northern Australia
Holiday in the Northern Territory
Mindil Beach Sunset Market
Darwin Waterfront
Darwin’s Historical Attractions
Litchfield National Park
Florence Falls
Wangi Falls
Flying Fox
Magnetic Termite Mounds
Kakadu National Park
Mary River National Park
Nourlangie Rock
Jim Jim Falls
Twin Falls
Nitmiluk National Park
Leilyn Falls
Katherine Gorge
Berry Creek Retreat
Uluru / Ayers Rock
New Zealand Working Holiday Visa


Jamie on Travel to Baltimore, Maryland – Episode 438:

Hi Chris,

I’m so sorry for my tardy, “thanks!”

I usually make a weekend breakfast/brunch for the family while listening to your latest show. I did quite a little dance when I heard you had already moved forward with the Baltimore Podcast!

Nancy Parode did such a great job – I really enjoyed the show and look forward to sharing. My husband and I are DC-junkies, so people often ask us what to do while visiting there. I will definitely include this episode in future suggestions. Hope you get a chance to kick back in B-more one weekend on a future trip out east πŸ™‚ What Nancy said about people being super accepting is true, it’s as diverse as it is laid-back and accepting. And if you go in summer, there is ALWAYS a festival in some neighborhood we found. They just close off the streets, allow drinks on the street and everyone is welcome.

Thanks again! For this episode, specifically, but for all of them, too!

Best wishes from the Sunny Southwest (and Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta,)

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