Travel to Jamaica – Episode 608

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Travel to Jamaica - What to Do, See and Eat on the Island of Jamaica (Podcast)

Hear about travel to Jamaica as the Amateur Traveler talks to Dave and Deb from about their trips to the island.

About Jamaica, they say, “We have been to Jamaica four times and one of the things that keeps us going back is that out of all the Caribbean Islands that we’ve been to, Jamaica is really the only island that has this perfect mix – beauty, gorgeous beaches, but also such a great culture and history. Jamaica is huge. You can go back again and again and never do the same thing twice. There’s a lot of adventure travel, there’s romance, there’s beauty, there’s luxury, great culture, and food. It has it all.”

Dave and Deb describe an itinerary that is filled with activities with local tour companies. So, while they tell us their favorite beaches, this is not a couple known to spend a lot of time just lying on the beach.

We focus more on the west side of the island. They fly into Montego Bay which is known for its resorts, but they avoid the tourists at Doctor’s Beach and hang with the locals at Deadend Beach. They recommend some restaurants on the “Hip Strip” in Montego Bay and also recommend a visit to Rose Hall to learn some of the island history, including the legend of the “white witch”.

Dave and Deb recommend 3 other areas to explore: Ocho Rios on the north shore, Negril on the west end, and Treasure Beach on the south shore.

They did a number of activities on the island:

  • hiking to waterfalls
  • swimming with horses
  • riding the bobsleds at Mystic Mountain
  • rafting
  • seeing the crocodiles at Black River Safari
  • visiting the Luminous Lagoon
  • cycling through the farmland near St. Elizabeth
  • taking a boat to the famous Pelican Bar
  • hiking up Lover’s Leap

Most of these they highly recommend, but at least one of these they would advise you to skip.

They also spent time watching the cliff divers at Rick’s Cafe and finding the best jerk chicken.

Dave and Deb have been to more than 100 countries. Find out what keeps bringing them back to this special Caribbean island.

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Eric writes about Travel to Kiev, Ukraine – Episode 581

I recently discovered your podcast have been listening to several episodes. Keep up the great work!
I visited Chernobyl in October 2017, just before your Kyiv episode was posted, and wanted to share a few things to expand or clarify on your guest’s comments.
First, it’s absolutely safe to visit. You go with organized small group tours, and only go to areas that have been remediated and cleaned up. While there are many hot spots, they are mostly signed. And your guide will know where to go or not go. In much of the exclusion zone the background levels of radiation are actually lower than Maidan square in central Kyiv.
The total radiation exposure from a day at Chernobyl is approximately equal to one transatlantic flight.
Second, you can stay overnight. There is one town inhabited by clean-up workers and scientists, and it has a cafe, hotel, and hostels. The food and water is brought in from outside the zone, but it is certainly available. 
Third, it is not exploitative. It’s an important part of the tourism economy for Ukraine, up to 20,000 visitors a year. It is a very reverent, almost sacred feeling. And it is a very important part of the histories of nuclear energy, the Cold War, and the Soviet Union. 
The biggest danger is the abandoned buildings that are starting to collapse and be reclaimed by nature. I highly encourage anyone interested to go before the best sights become too unstable. It is one of the coolest things I have ever done. 
I wrote up more details here:
Thanks again for your podcast, I love it!

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Travel to Jamaica - What to Do, See and Eat on the Island of Jamaica (Podcast)

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6 Responses to “Travel to Jamaica – Episode 608”



Love how much they enjoyed and continue to enjoy Jamaica. I am a worrier so sometimes I worry that our crime rate, which admittedly never affects tourists, will scare them away anyway. I am happy to see that is not the case.

Joanne Pica


Hi Chris,

I love listening to your podcasts, and like to see the pictures, so I don’t listen while I’m on the go. This means that I’m over a year behind, combined with the fact that it took me a while to realize that the enhanced version still works if I stream it on the website. Unfortunately, the links for this episode, number 608 aren’t all correct. Instead of show notes and the links to the podcast on Jamaica, it has a list of things to do in Australia. At least it’s not a link to another website!
Thanks for all the work you put into this podcast. It’s obviously something you’re passionate about, having been at it for so long. Even though some people might not like that you ask the same typical questions at the end, I like the familiarity of it. It surprises me when people aren’t expecting the questions and don’t have an answer ready.

Chris Christensen


Fixed, Oh and a little surprise for you. In the latest episode there were pictures in the mp3 version. It was an experiment.



Thanks, Chris. That was fast. I also checked out the latest episode and see that your experiment worked. I hope it saves some editing time.

Chris Christensen


Oh gosh no, it makes the editing harder.

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